Friday, May 26, 2017

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] art*science 2017 - The New and History

Dear Salvatore,

What does it mean to say "we are practice-based"? You are making claims to research and experiment.

These claims require clear thinking to be meaningful.

All research is practice-based on some dimension. Scientists in every field engage in a practice — the practice of research. This is even the case for purely theoretical sciences such as mathematics, theoretical physics, logic and philosophy.

If the highest value you can bring too any discussion is to describe what you do, then I'm not sure why we are here on a list for art-science. Jeff Koons describes what he does.

When you add to this such dimensions as formulating experiments, describing results, considering difficulties, then description must rise to the level of analysis. This, in turn, requires deeper description, comparison, and if you also claim innovation, then you've got to demonstrate what happened in the past. That is to say, when you make scientific claims for your art or your approach to art, more is required than a description of artistic practice.

Without analysis, it is impossible to support other people's research. Merely describing what one does assumes that what you do is innovative. This may not be the case. That's why researchers work to identify the gaps in the knowledge of the field prior to their contribution. Significant innovation in uncommon. It is more likely to occur following serious thinking and analysis.


Ken Friedman


> We are practice-based.
> The highest value we can bring to any discussion is to describe what we do,
> our motives and background research, how we formulate experiments, what
> are the results and impacts, what implications, difficulties, innovations,
> etc appear when we perform such experiments, and hope that this is useful
> to give someone else new ideas, open up new possibilities, etc.
> In this, we also try to use art and practice as a platform, to support
> other people's research, innovations, critical stances, where they can come
> together, inspire, be applied in the world, and also to engage people in
> ways which are effective, persistent, transformative.
> In a way, we "only" have our practice to bring into any discussion. Which
> is of course inspired and informed by other things.


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