Wednesday, May 17, 2017

[Yasmin_discussions] art-science discussion

Hi All,

Initially, I think that we should clarify the predicates: i. Cultural
Heritage and ii. Mediterranean Rim.

i. What is the type of cultural asset that we are
discussing? A large number of cultural asset has been processed by political
and/or economical activities. From the moment that is extracted from its
spatiotemporal environment, it has been blended with numerous associations,
not all purposeful.

Hence by implementing computational and other contemporary practices, are we
looking to reveal what was that which the cultural asset once expressed and
served, or we simply add more associations, dissociating it from its
particular context?

ii. The geography of Mediterranean Rim has been radically
changed. On which map one can rely on when talking about cultural heritage?
Because if we take for granted that we are viewing the cultural heritage
from a European perspective, we admit, a priori, all the associations of a
cultural asset.

To find a new dislocation process and a new field that could treat the
cultural asset not as a mummified object, subject to our convenience, but as
a self-sustained, living organism, it would be preferable to remain critical
both to the cultural asset's associations and to its geography.

Katerina Karoussos

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