Thursday, May 25, 2017

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] art*science 2017 - The New and History

Dear Yasminer,
I've just read the Yasmin's_discussions art*science 2017 - The New and History?
I agree with Salvatore, when he talks about get sciences out of laboratories.
We need to do this.
We need to bring the results of science out there, in the world, in
order to involve people in a debate between the human experience and
the researc, which will support the possibility to combining different
languages and modalities.
Art and Science are connected with this asterisk and permit creating a
relationship for a new approach in a complex world.
We need to involve people and then activate new relationships made of
innovative imaginary, dreams, experiences, bodies, etc.
It would be wonderful to create a living, tangible and directly "open
lab" beyond the micro and macroscopic telescope.
We do not ask at this point what science can do for arts, but rather
what arts can do for science.
I think that we have to folllow a transdisciplinary way for
establishing a relation to involve everyone, inside and out of our
limited, yet interconnected, fields.
"The stars above us, the relationships between us"


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