Monday, November 16, 2009

[Yasmin_discussions] CALL FOR MODERATORS

Dear Yasmin subscribers,

During all this time that Yasmin has been up and running (before and after
the update), it has been relying on a group of dedicated people who were -
and still are - willing to help us manage the vast amount of traffic that
flows through the lists and start discussions on relevant topics. We believe
that it is important to keep Yasmin active in a wide variety of topics,
always related to the intersection of Art and Science, which is Yasmin's
main theme. Your help in reaching this goal will be invaluable. We would
welcome your assistance as part of the moderation team.


At any given time, there are two moderators, the "primary" and the "back-up"
moderator. The primary moderator is the one who undertakes most of the
moderation duties, while the back-up moderator, as the title implies, acts
as a replacement and/or assistant (e.g. in cases where the primary moderator
finds himself unable to perform moderation duties or the incoming traffic is
too much for one person to handle). This two-person team moderates both
lists (however, most of the traffic goes through the discussions list).

A person's moderation period is onw week (Monday to Sunday). A person who
acts as primary moderator usually assumes "back-up" moderation duties at
some other time (usually the week immediately following). Once every member
in the moderation team has acted once as a primary and once as a back-up
moderator, the schedule begins anew. It follows that the frequency with
which one will have to moderate depends on the total amount of persons who
are members of the moderation team (the more people, the more infrequent
one's "moderation rounds" will be).


Apart from "regular" moderation (described above), one can, at any point,
start a discussion on a "special topic" (and also moderate it). A special
topics are announced ahead of time by the person who proposes and moderates

If you are willing to assist us in keeping the quality of the discussions at
its usual high level, please feel freee to contact us at

Kind regards,

For the YASMIN Moderators and Administrative Team
Haris Rizopoulos
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