Monday, November 2, 2009

[Yasmin_discussions] YASMIN lists protocol please

Dear Colleagues

As you know we have two separate YASMIN lists

a) YASMIN DISCUSSIONS for discussions !!


b) YASMIN ANNOUNCEMENTS for announcements
not related to the discussion under way on the
discussion list.

When you submit items = please submit to the
appropriate list, otherwise our volunteer moderators
have to cut and past and re post to the appropriate list.
This costs un-necessary CO2 carbon footprint !!

On the Disscussion list we currently have Oral
Traditions and New Media moderated by Myriam Hammani
and Wafa Bourkhis.

If you would like to moderate a future discussion on
the discussion list, please contact us with details of
the topic and who you would involve in the discussion.

Roger Malina
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