Friday, November 6, 2009

[Yasmin_discussions] Oral Traditions and New Media


Much thanks for your very interesting introduction to the topic of orality
and new media !

I would like to pick up on your comment:

.""This is what intrigues me, our first developped communication tool is our
ears and the sound
of our formulated breath. Our thought pattern and memory developped from
sonic stimulus,
before it was triggered visually.From this I beleive that our brain works
differently with sonic
stimulation (orality) then with visual stimulation (writing, visual

Indeed the foetus hears sounds before its visual cortex begins to form I
believe. And the
cortext continues to develop over 15 years to maturity= and indeed what one
hears and sees
affects the construction of the brain.

At the art and darwin conference in marseille two weeks ago, one of the
points was that
neurobiologists are much more advanced in their study of vision in the human
brain, that
of hearing. I think I remember that sound is actually processed more quickly
than vision
in the brain.

A second thought is that a number of people have now developed cross- modal
where one sense affects how another sense is interpreted in the brain. This
is not synaesthesia
but rather a insight in how we integrate the senses in cognition. (one
example is the one where
two moving dots cross on a screen=with no sound you see two dots moving
along the two
diagonals- when you here the sound-the dots appear to bounce off each other
where the
diagonals cross).

Someone who would have interesting things to say is Alison Gopnik
<>who has been working on the
cognitive development of children, rethinking Piaget
given new scientific understanding of cognition and neurobiology

Finally, i remember the discussions at the time when the new 'multi-media'
started appearing on computers in the 1980s, and there was much expectation
one would see a rebirth of 'visual music' or deep integration of sound into
visual art
making. The experimental work of DJS and VJs has been an experimental ground
for interesting work.

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