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Re: [Yasmin_discussions] McLUHAN EFFECTS

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> « Our nervous system is
> technologically extented in order to engage ourselves in front of the
> whole humanity, … we participate deeply to the consequences of our
> actions. »
and, on this:

presented in occasion of Rome's edition of the centennial celebrations, the
Electronic Man enacted a global performance on the idea of technology as
extension of the body.

thousands of QRCodes have been disseminated worldwide. when people scan them
using their mobile phones, other participants' phones vibrate.

As of today around 50000 people joined in: it means that whenever you scan
one of the QRCodes as many as 50000 people's phones vibrate: a physical
stimulation instantaneously enacted by a digital interaction anywhere on the

The Electronic Man has been created as an example of a digital sense
externalized onto a device, giving factual demonstration of McLuhan's
concept and of de Kerckhove's theory expressed in the performance's

the Electronic Man has been presented at Rome's McLuhan event organized by
the MediaDuemila Journal, the Osservatorio Tuttimedia and the University of
Rome "La Sapienza":

and has been shown at the ADD Festival at the MACRO Museum of Contemporary
arts in Rome, and as a special initiative at the Social Media Week in

The scientific research at the base of the global performance will be
presented at the Consciousness Reframed 12 in Portugal in December 2011



Salvatore Iaconesi
visiting professor Cross Media Design
University of Rome "La Sapienza"
Faculty of Architecture
Dept. of Industrial Design

skype: xdxdVSxdxd
Art is Open Source

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