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[Yasmin_discussions] Fwd: [NEW-MEDIA-CURATING] McLuhan Conference, Then | Now | Next, Toronto, 6-10 November 2011

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From: Prof Seamus Ross <>
Date: Mon, Oct 17, 2011 at 4:15 AM
Subject: [NEW-MEDIA-CURATING] McLuhan Conference, Then | Now | Next,
Toronto, 6-10 November 2011

Dear Colleague

I'm writing to draw your attention to what looks to be a conference
being held at the University of Toronto in honour of the Marshall
McLuhan centenary.  It would be great to see you there.  It certainly
promises to be a great event.  The organizers have assembled an
amazing roster of speakers and events.

Please also distribute this information to any students, colleagues,
or others who might be interested.

                                   McLUHAN100 Then | Now | Next

More than fifty years ago, writing from a modest outbuilding at the
University of Toronto, Marshall McLuhan gave voice to a vision that
transformed the globe: a society enmeshed in media, everywhere
connected, culturally configured by mediating technologies of
information and communication.

In celebration of the centenary of Marshall McLuhan's birth, Toronto
is hosting the first international McLuhan conference and festival:

  -- 100 leading thinkers and speakers from around the world
  -- 300 art installations, concerts and screenings
  -- Explosive and insightful debates

Don't miss out. For more information and to REGISTER go to:


Then | Now | presented by McLuhan100 and the University of
Toronto (UofT) Faculty of
Information, in conjunction with Ryerson University, York University,
OCAD University, the
City of Toronto, and numerous other city cultural institutions.  It is
co-sponsored by the UofT
Faculty of Information, Ryerson University, the Social Science and
Humanities Research Council,
Celebrate Ontario, OCAF, and the City of Toronto Economic Development
and Culture Division.

  -- Visit our Website:
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Copyright © 2011 McLuhan100, All rights reserved.

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