Sunday, October 9, 2011

[Yasmin_discussions] McLUHAN EFFECTS ?


First I must take responsibility for mis-spelling
the word "responsibility" in the announcement-
I corrected Colette's text and missed the typo
in responsability ( unforgivable for an editor,
but my excuse is that in french it has an a )

I think the issue that McLuhan brings out how
each new medium "entrains" new forms of
responsibility is one that is worth exploring.

Alex Galloway in his Leonardo Book "Protocol:
How Control Exists after Decentralization"

explores in detail how the founding principle of the Net is control,
not the freedom
sometimes advertised , and that the controlling power often lies in
the technical protocols
that make network connections (and disconnections) possible.

This identifies one key place where responsibility lies- with the engineers and
organisations that establish the technical protocols that either "enable"
certain kind of behaviours and 'suppres" others. This is one reason of course
that the organisations that establish technical protocols find themselves in
highly political and ethical conflicts.


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From: Dimitris Charitos <>
Date: Sat, Oct 8, 2011 at 11:38 AM
Subject: [Yasmin_an] McLUHAN EFFECTS ? a new YASMIN discussion theme,
10-24 October

McLUHAN EFFECTS  ? a YASMIN discussion

A Yasmin discussion in honor of the 100th anniversary of the birth of
Marshall McLuhan On YASMIN from October 10-24 2011

We will first start with a first  topic : New Responsabilities that arise in
the Global Village

And follow on with other topics that are proposed by the YASMIN community.

The Initial invited discussants are:

Colette Tron: Who is organising the  from 2 to
4th of november at the McLuhan Effects Symposum at the Ecole d'Art of Aix.
en Provence, France.At the occasion of McLuhan centennial, Alphabetville
organizes with some partners including Leonardo/Olats, Iméra, ZINC, Aix en
Provence School of arts, one of the few event in France,  among many around
the world this year, about the thought of Marshall McLuhan on media and
technologies.You will be able to follow the program by stream on :

Stephen Kovats:
The cultural network project McLuhan in Europe 2011 explores, critiques and
celebrates McLuhan's impact on art, media and culture in Europe. Joining the
Yasmin discussion live from the McLuhan Open Studio at the Frankfurt Book
Fair, international guests are invited to discuss the future of
communication - 100 Voices McLuhan.

and Roger Malina,  co chair Art-Science Program at IMERA:

but pf course all YASMINERS are invited to contribute and debate.

Follow the discussion on the YASMIN BLOG:

Contribute to the discussion by registering to YASMIN DISCUSSIONS :at

If you wish to attend the symposium in Aix Nov 2-4 contact Colette


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