Sunday, August 17, 2014

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] Loose ends

Hi all,

Here are some quick responses to posts from the past month. I apologize that the impending academic year makes it difficult to reply to every thread--there have been enough issues raised to warrant writing a sequel to our book ("Re-re-collection?").

* Other books

We would be remiss without citing some of the other books to come out recently, especially those that tackle issues of new media preservation. I think Rick already mentioned the Blackwell "Companion to Digital Art" that Christiane Paul is editing; Beryl Graham's Ashgate anthology "New Collecting" includes chapters by Pip Laurenson and Caitlin Jones on conservation; and Bloomsbury's "Digital Arts" by Cat Hope and John Ryan, written as a textbook, includes a sophisticated discussion of variable media preservation.

* Google and memory

I mentioned Bronac's comments about Google's erasure of history in its "DevArt" sponsorship to net artist Eryk Salvaggio. Apparently Eryk is writing a piece for Rhizome about the uncanny images that result when the Google Art Project robot catches sight of itself in a mirror. (God knows why they dressed it up like a Dalek in drag.)

* Variable Media Questionnaire and Digital Curation

I would love for some of the artists who have contributed their thoughts on the future of their work to this Yasmin discussion to record those perspectives on the Variable Media Questionnaire for posterity:

You can do this directly, or if you prefer an interlocutor (usually more fun!) email me and I'll give your contact info to the grad students in my Digital Curation class, who have the option to interview artists for our preservation class:

* New documentation tools

I'm glad to learn from Christiane and Clarisse Bardiot about two new tools for documenting the creation and exhibition of new media art, Botaniq and Rekall. I will add them to the list of software for my students to review.

* Big thanks to Roger!

Finally, I want to give Roger a huge thank you for organizing this forum and bringing so many important voices out of the woodwork, including key historical figures whose views on preservation I'd never read but hope will live on in ThoughtMesh and other archives.

Enjoy what's left of August, everyone!

Re-collection: Art, New Media, and Social Memory
"Read it if you want to prevail"--Bruce Sterling

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