Sunday, August 10, 2014

[Yasmin_discussions] Role of Google in terms of memory and preservation

Dear All

Bearing in mind this discussion, I thought it may be worth sharing a
response to the Barbican's digital revolution show from some artists and
designers. The Discuss section is particularly interesting.

One main point being made by the very talented Matthew Plummer Fernandez
is that they (the artists) were initially prompted to devise this
counter 'protest' because of the dehistorical nature of the Google call
which omits acknowledgement of a long history of work.

A mainstream review which also makes the point about erasure of memory
is worth a glance:

This is not just a London thing. My understanding is that the Barbican
show is due to tour for five years presumably to N America and beyond so
how it will be viewed and perceived elsewhere is also worth considering.

Perhaps the role of Google in relation to memory and preservation issues
needs to be looked at further within this stimulating Yasmin discussion.



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