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we are calling for final comments on the re-collection

next week we will start a discussion around stem to steam
here is a pre view of the kinds of topics

roger malina

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Dear Yasminers,

Recently Roger mentionned the STEAM/STEAM issue and calling for a
discussion on this list.

I don't know if mixed curriculum can be built and how they could be
sustainable in the long term, that is survived what a teacher or a
team has explored at a certain time in a certain environment.

But there are beautiful case studies like the Japanese ARTSAT project
that saw a team of over 70 people, from 2 universities (Tama Art
University and Tokyo University), one leading on the art, the other on
the science and engineering, with teachers and students, with artists,
musicians, engineers, scientists, and much more (support from JAXA,
the Japanese Space Agency, companies, and the whole network of radio
ham, etc.)
build an art satellite ARTSAT:INVADER that has been launched in
February and will deorbit any time soon.

The same group is finishing a Deep Space sculpture ARTSAT: DESPATCH to
be launched in December, a 3D printed spiral shape.

The INVADER project is currently part of a group show at the
MOT/Museum of Contemporary Art of Tokyo.

Project web site :

Facebook page of the project :

This is one example of art/science collaborations, where the same
"object" has different goals. There are many more, specially around
satellites at the moment (or may be I see them because I am currently
researching art satellites).
Could this be a model ? Or just a project or two that cannot be
repeated ? Or should curricula be "project-based" with different
projects along the years ?

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