Monday, August 25, 2014

[Yasmin_discussions] Your Yasmin moderator this week

Dear Yasminers

This is Roger Malina in Dallas at the moment, your YASMIN moderator
this week. If any of you are in Paris
on Friday September 12- I will be presenting at the Google Cultural Center.

During this week we will start a moderated discussion on the YASMIN
discussion list

What does STEAM have to do with it ?

exploring some inflammatory discussions such as Is too much STEM or
the Wrong STEM a bad thing ?

the discussion will engage with the current hot topic of whether we
need more scientists and engineers: many professionals are arguing
that government and funding agencies need to increase funding and
recruit more young people into careers in Science, Technology,
Engineering and Math (STEM).

But after decades of STEM funding= the result is that only 17% of
engineers are women, and the statistics for inclusion of ethnic and
other minorities in western countries are also dismal.

And in the us 70 % of students in the USA who get a degree in a STEM
field- do not work in STEM professions- why are STEM careers so
unattractive that most students who get a degree don't work in STEM
fields ?

In recent years there has been a movement of STEM TO STEAM- or
integrating the arts, design and humanities - into STEM teaching. I
recently wrote a discussion that highlights some of the issues:

One of the arguments of STEM to STEAM is that STEM needs fundamental
rethinking- with the additional argument that many STEM careers are
now in the arts, design and entertainment, and that STEAM approaches
are more successful at interesting more diverse students.

Invited Discussants will include: Roger Malina, Nettrice Gaskins:
Celia Pearce, William Joel

We are also currently working with Stephen Nowlin who is developing a
new YASMIN discussion topic

Announcing A Yasmin Discussion: The Problem of the Supernatural: With
What Science Does Art Pair?

Looking at the way that art-science practice engages with beliefs in
the supernatural.

Roger Malina
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