Saturday, August 9, 2014

[Yasmin_discussions] Fwd: Re-collection and Andy Warhol's digital art

Hi all,

It's been great to get feedback this summer from this list on ideas
from the new book Re-collection ( We've
heard from many pioneers of digital and variable media art as well as
some younger people in the field. I hope we can compile some of these
responses in both printed and online form for the benefit of future
artists and historians.

Roger mentions ThoughtMesh ( as a possible
vehicle for the latter:

if you are not familiar with thoughtmesh i recommend you take
a look-its an interesting text networking system that Jon Ippolito
ThoughtMesh generates tags to connect scholarly essays published on
different Web sites.

As one example, I just used ThoughtMesh to publish an essay on the
remarkable forensic recovery of Andy Warhol's lost "paintings" for the
Amiga, thanks to Cory Arcangel and a dedicated crew at CMU including
artist Golan Levin and members of the CMU Computer Club:

"Go Forth and Multiply"

It's a great story about how the persistence of one zealous fan ended
up unearthing an entirely hidden side of one of the most talked-about
artists of our age.

Although I found out about the Warhol trove too late to include an
analysis in the book, my essay above argues that the discovery
exemplifies several trends identified in Re-collection. These include
legal obstacles to access, proliferation as preservation, and the
critical role of so-called amateurs in digital conservation.

Note that even though the piece is hosted on my personal website, it
still links to other essays, thanks to coding magic from ThoughtMesh
co-creators Craig Dietrich and John Bell. For example, if you click on
"law" in the tag cloud, you get excerpts from my essay; but if you
then click on the "excerpts out" tab, you get links to related
passages by folks from legal scholars like Wendy Seltzer to
anthropologists like Robin Boast.

ThoughtMesh is a free service. If you have any interest in using it as
a platform to publish your own work, I'm happy to help!

It's not too late to catch up to the 21st century
Digital Curation online certificate
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