Tuesday, August 12, 2014

[Yasmin_discussions] wrapping up re-collecting and new STEAM discussion topic next week


we are wrapping up this week the discussion with rick ippolito and rick
rinehart around conservation and restoration of new media art triggered
by their book


let me encourage yasminers to inject final comments - Jon
is going to be transferring all the posts to thoughtmesh

the discussion has triggered proposals for some meetings between
experts on the topic


we are thinking to organise the next yasmin discussion around the
stem to steam debate that is very hot in the USA right now=

STEM is the trainig of professionals in science, engineering,
technology and math

the current controversies surrounds dealing with the issue of claimed
shortage of trained scientists and
engineers, but also the problems of gender and cultural diversity
among scientists and engineers ( see for instance the recent US
census report on STEM (
there are striking statistics like : Approximately 14 percent of
engineers were women
74 percent of those who have a bachelor's degree in science,
technology, engineering and math —
commonly referred to as STEM — are not employed in STEM occupations

something is very vvrong about the way we train scientists and
engineers- and part of the problem
is perhaps the artificial segregation of scientists and engineers from
professionals in the arts, design
and humanities

- i just wrote a review around the issue which is available at:


we have just spent several weeks on YASMIN discussing the archiving
and restoration of new media art- the pioneers
in technological art were instrumental in the developing of whole
industries of art and technology
in entertainment gaming, but also social media, cultural industries
more broadly- and we are perhaps guilty ourselves of ghettoizing
their contributions in the art world rather than looking at the
broader cultural impact that work in
art, science and technology has had

anyway-we would be interested in knowing if yasmisers would be
interested in discussing the STEM to STEAM

if you would be interested in being an invited responded please drop
me an email to rmalina@alum.mit.edu

roger malina

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