Sunday, September 7, 2014

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From: michael nitsche <>

Hi Roger,

maybe a note regarding the discussion of gender balance in the CM
degree at Georgia Tech that also relates to the question of STEAM:

Hi Yasminers,

As somebody who teaches in Georgia Tech's Computational Media degree,
I would like to point out a particular condition of that degree that
is not apparent from the blog post: CM is a co-taught by the College
of Computing and the Liberal Arts College (Ivan Allen College) at
Georgia Tech.
The degree features a range of classes that are taught by faculty from
the Liberal Arts and that are core classes just as their CS sections
are. For example, I am teaching a core class in that degree right now
that tries to build bridges from moving image history to real-time
rendering of 3D worlds.


michael nitsche

Michael Nitsche
Associate Professor
Digital World & Image Group

Georgia Institute of Technology
Digital Media/TSRB 320B
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Atlanta , Georgia 30308-1030
email: michael.nitsche[at]
p: +1 404 894 7000
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