Tuesday, September 9, 2014

[Yasmin_discussions] what does STEAM have to do with it

from Ruth Catchen ( reposted from the same discussion on linked in
STEAM journal group)

Education Consultant for STEM/STEAM Education

I agree that some of the innate problem with understanding both what
STEM is and what STEaM is has to do with the confines of the acronym.
As a proponent of STEM that is STEaM, I look at STEM as an integrated
learning protocol that offers many opportunities when approached
as a pedagogy that easily lends itself to using the arts in several
ways. The arts offer learning experiences or learning tools that will
a wide variety of students and learning styles. In addition, including
the arts in STEM may offer the opportunity for some to engage who
would not such as at-risk and underrepresented populations. Finally,
the arts offer something uniquely powerful to a holistic education.
Students will
expand their ability to critically think and problem solve by applying
past experiences and knowledge to new ones through a variety of arts
Their ability to self-assess and re-do grows with each arts
experience, thus gaining the self-efficacy needed to embark on a STEM
career. In STEaM, the arts serve as an on-ramp for rigorous science
and math content learned through engineering design. So in my humble
opinion, that is what STEaM has to do with it.
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