Tuesday, September 9, 2014

[Yasmin_discussions] What does STEAM have to do with it

thanks for your comment- you say:

In STEaM, the arts serve as an on-ramp for rigorous science
and math content learned through engineering design. So in my humble
opinion, that is what STEaM has to do with it.

this reminds me

A colleague of mine once mis-spoke and said- yes we can use the
arts to "trap" students to get them to go into science and engineering=
the 'on-ramp'metaphor connects to the frequent metaphor of the
STEM pipeline as if people are cargo getting into a pipe= mind you
he was an engineer very happy of the poor public image of engineers

it seems to me that STEM to STEAM is also a whole other dimension-
so much of art and culture now uses STEM for the purposes of making
amazing new kinds of art and culture- from the creative industries,
to entertainment to the digital arts and art and biology and art and
the environment= and arts and space exploration ( see the work of
the mexican space art collective and the nano satellites they are building)

for me part of the STEAM argument is that we want to create amazing
art and cutlrre that is truly of our times, uses the useful technologies
for art making and cultural expression

for teenagers- isnt it counterproductive for us to force them into
STEM or non STEM

roger malina
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