Saturday, September 27, 2014

[Yasmin_discussions] My New STEAM Lab

I'm building and managing a new STEAM Lab in an urban arts high school
where the demographics are 40% African American and 40% Latino American.
Boston Arts Academy is full-inclusion which means that students with
special needs spend most or all of their time with non-disabled students.
My challenge is how to create a space where Art and STEM teachers can use
resources to engage students who are majoring in dance, music, visual arts,
theater, etc. The curricula is not only interdisciplinary but also
culturally responsive. One of the main questions I'm addressing is:

How do artists tinker?

The dancer teacher was the first one to bring a class to the Lab. The
visual art teacher was next and after that the math teacher. The Lab has
open access hours (after school) and students have started showing up with
ideas for projects. We're only after about three weeks into the new school

For more information about this new project check out this post:

*Nettrice R. Gaskins, Ph.D.*
STEAM Lab Director
Boston Arts Academy
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