Sunday, September 14, 2014

[Yasmin_discussions] what does steam have to do with it ?


our STEM to STEAM discussion has been dominated so far by practioners
in north american
where the STEM to STEAM discourse has gone viral

of note is that Jane Chu has been appointed chair of the US National
Endowment for the Arts

She has been widely quoted as advocating stem to steam such as in this visit
to rhode island

in her opening remarks

she states
Arts education is critical to raising America's next generations of
Creative, Innovative thinkers. The other area we will further delve
into lies at the intersection of art, science, and technology. We
believe that synthesizing these differing perspectives can foster
those Creative and Innovative thinkers to help us solve problems,
think out of the box, and provide new insights. We want to turn the
focus from STEM education to STEAM education, and integrate Science,
Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math into our nation's classrooms.
- See more at:

a very similar discourse is occurring in europe -for instance the Ars
Electronica concept this year was

The Concept

"Creativity is the art of finding the right questions, Innovation is
the ability to respond to them"

This year, the AE Festival's mission is to confront the question of
"what it takes to change" and to call for answers from all directions
from different disciplines as well as different places all over the
world. But it's not the usual question about what the future will look
like but rather how we get there and, most important, who are the
people who can scout these new ways. For this reason, Ars Electronica
has teamed up with Hakuhodo and ITU (International Telecommunication
Union) to organize the Future Innovators Summit.

At this summit, experienced professionals as well as young
entrepreneurs and social activists, technicians and scientists and, of
course, artists and designers will meet each other at the Ars
Electronica Festival for mutual inspiration and for the exchange of
ideas and know-how. The lineup will also include opportunities for
participants to engage in dialog among each other and with the public
audience. Besides a broad range of lectures, presentations and
exhibitions, we want to build a "special taskforce"—24 catalysts of
change, innovators and creators of tomorrow from places all over the
world who will present their ideas and projects and spend four days
together to come up with answers to the question of what it takes to

Why is this a unique opportunity? At the moment, one can find a
growing lineup of events and gatherings for young entrepreneurs and
start-ups, as well as a lot of hackathons, game jams etc. where the
young community of programmers and developers can interact. The same
goes for festivals of young artists and conferences of young social
activists. What they all have in common is an exciting and virulently
inspiring atmosphere, but they often also share a certain flavor of
elitist exclusivity, and it's usually pretty difficult to access them
as an outsider. Even more surprising is that you can hardly find
anevent at which these inspiring talents, creators and innovators can
convene, and do so across the borders of their communities and
disciplines. But this crossover is exactly what we're looking for!

Read more about the "Future Innovators Summit" in an interview with
Hideaki Ogawa, member of the Ars Electronica Futurelab, on the Ars
Electronica Blog.

It would be great to have comments in this discussions from yasminers
in europe and the mediterranean !

roger malina

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