Monday, October 7, 2013

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] The Importance of Early and Persistent Arts and Crafts Education for Future Scientists and Engineers

HI All,

Just wanted to point out this new petition about creativity in education in danger of being eliminated from UNESCO, very relevant to this discussion I would say:

"UNESCO has been busy analyzing and ranking the areas of their work by
priority, with those areas that receive the lowest ranking being marked
for elimination. The Creativity programme, within which arts education
falls, was ranked at the very bottom of UNESCO's 48 priority areas and
is at risk of elimination. If this happens, UNESCO's invaluable work in
this area, including the Road Map for Arts Education, the World
Conferences for Arts Education, the International Arts Education week,
and all the other projects related to both arts education and creativity
in the broadest sense, will be terminated and will no longer receive
support. An additional consequence will be to give our governments yet
another excuse to de-prioritise Arts Education and to deny both
promotion of and access to the arts for children and young people"


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