Saturday, October 12, 2013

[Yasmin_discussions] stem to steam

paul (brown and fiswick)

re the word abstraction- yes it can be problematic-
fishwick uses the word 'modelling a lot"

and re the pure math without context this
is part of a more general movement in educational
circles for problem based learning

but which at its core is to tap into the motivation and curiosity of
learners which drives exploration and understanding underlying
resulution of a prob lem

the stem to steam movement can be seen as more generally
part of this rationale- art and technology programs tap into
student interest in the arts and entertainment= to contextualize
the need to understand STEM subjects

but as our sead report insisted the steam argument is also
based on the intrinsic contributions of the arts to well being
and joyfulness

a colleagues had a slip of tong when he stated that the arts
could be used to 'trap'students to go into STEM careers=
when perhaps the reverse is a stronger argument that STEAM
helps contextualise STEM within societal needs and issues=
including health and well being- and can help train STEM
professionals to contribute to the well being of their communities

an example is Design for America
which is a network of student led studios creating local
and social impact through interdisciplinary design

Roger F Malina
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