Thursday, October 31, 2013

[Yasmin_discussions] doe art science researchers earn less ?

kathryn evans and i are working on a paper on interdisciplinary
curricula in art and science
kathryn came across this study that implies that those of us
that have careers that bridge the arts and science are
at a disadvantage economically
is this true ?

Boundary Spanning in Academia:
Antecedents and Near-Term Consequences of Academic Entrepreneurialism
Kevin M. Kniffin and Andrew S. Hanks
Cornell University
Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management

Analyzing the pathways of people who earned interdisciplinary research
doctorates in the United States in 2010, we generate three main findings while
controlling for gender, ethnicity, discipline, and age. First, individuals who
complete an interdisciplinary dissertation display near-term income risk since
they tend to earn nearly $1,700 less in the year after graduation.
Second, students
whose fathers earned a college degree demonstrated a .8% higher probability of
pursuing interdisciplinary research. Third, the probability that non-citizens
pursue interdisciplinary dissertation work is 4.7% higher when compared with US
citizens. Our findings quantify the risks of interdisciplinary work
and contribute
to policy debates
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