Wednesday, October 30, 2013

[Yasmin_discussions] VISAP in paris october 2014


I had answered Roger two or 3 days ago but the mail bounced.
So here it is again.




This is excellent news. October 2014 is going to be really
busy ;-)

The IEEE has always been supportive in the sense that they
welcomed articles about art in their various journals. I
wrote one about Kitsou Dubois many years ago and the column
was under the direction of Norie Neuman.

I fully agree with you that we need to get out of our
digital art ghetto, in both directions : towards the
science/engineering world and towards the art world.

One question : do you have an idea of the registration fees
for this IEEE conference ? It is usually quite expensive for
the cultural community (digital or analog).


Le 27/10/13 23:35, roger malina a écrit :
> yasminers
> this is early warning that the IEEE visual arts program will
> have sessions at IEEE Vis that will be held in paris on
> 2014- angus forbes who co chairs it says below the call for
> papers will come ouot in january/february 2014 and they are
> keen to have proposals from the art-science community
> one of the strategies that has come out of the SEAD study
> is the need to be more visible and pro active in
presenting our
> work within science and engineering conferences
> the network science conference has been very welcoming
> and has been hosting the Leonardo Day on arts, humanities
> and complex networks
> ACM with siggraph, sigchi etc has always been open
> the american chemical society has been hosting art science
> panels
> its great to see IEEE vis being welcoming also
> do yasminers know of any other science and engineering
> conferences that are welcoming the work of the art science
> community ? this could be a good topic for the yasmin
> list so i am copying it there- if we are serious that
> is important for science and engineering-we need to get out
> of our digital arts ghetto !
> roger
> --
> Hi Roger, thanks for linking to the Dataremix paper! In
addition to
> your collaboration with Ruth West, a number of other
papers were
> presented at the IEEE VIS Arts Program (VISAP 2013) on
> topics. This includes research by Eleanor Gates-Stuart
(of CSIRO) and
> Francesca Samsel (of University of Texas), as well as
discussions of
> art projects informed by real-time data, immersive
environments, and
> computational aesthetic evaluation. The full list of
papers and
> artworks can be found here:
> We're already planning IEEE VISAP 2014 (in Paris next
October) and it
> would be great to have more contributions from people
within the
> art-science community. We'll make an announcement with a
CfP probably
> in January or February.
> -Angus Forbes, co-chair IEEE
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