Sunday, October 27, 2013

[Yasmin_discussions] VISAP in paris october 2014


this is early warning that the IEEE visual arts program will
have sessions at IEEE Vis that will be held in paris on october
2014- angus forbes who co chairs it says below the call for
papers will come ouot in january/february 2014 and they are
keen to have proposals from the art-science community

one of the strategies that has come out of the SEAD study
is the need to be more visible and pro active in presenting our
work within science and engineering conferences

the network science conference has been very welcoming
and has been hosting the Leonardo Day on arts, humanities
and complex networks

ACM with siggraph, sigchi etc has always been open

the american chemical society has been hosting art science

its great to see IEEE vis being welcoming also

do yasminers know of any other science and engineering
conferences that are welcoming the work of the art science
community ? this could be a good topic for the yasmin discussion
list so i am copying it there- if we are serious that art-science
is important for science and engineering-we need to get out
of our digital arts ghetto !



Hi Roger, thanks for linking to the Dataremix paper! In addition to
your collaboration with Ruth West, a number of other papers were
presented at the IEEE VIS Arts Program (VISAP 2013) on art-science
topics. This includes research by Eleanor Gates-Stuart (of CSIRO) and
Francesca Samsel (of University of Texas), as well as discussions of
art projects informed by real-time data, immersive environments, and
computational aesthetic evaluation. The full list of papers and
artworks can be found here:

We're already planning IEEE VISAP 2014 (in Paris next October) and it
would be great to have more contributions from people within the
art-science community. We'll make an announcement with a CfP probably
in January or February.

-Angus Forbes, co-chair IEEE

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