Saturday, October 5, 2013

[Yasmin_discussions] new Yasmin discussion The Importance of Early and Persistent Arts and Crafts Education for Future Scientists and Engineers.


The STEAM (How to integrate the arts, design and humanities into
science, technology, engineering,
and Math education) movement is rapidly growing internationally.

We are launching a YASMIN discussion around Robert and Michele
Root Bernstein's White Paper for the Science-Engineering-Art-Design
White Paper Study that has
just been delivered to the US National Science Foundation (with
contributions from many Yasminers).

The discussion is on the YASMIN DISCUSSION LIST:
or just follow the discussion at : ( )

The title of the White Paper is: The Importance of Early and
Persistent Arts and Crafts Education for
Future Scientists and Engineers.

It provides strong evidence of why training in the arts and crafts
(including the making movement) should be a key
component for the early training of future innovative scientists,
engineers, and innovators.

The full white paper is available at

The topic was part of a workshop that was recently held in Washington,
DC that resulted in an informal coalition, The Innovation
Collaborative: Bridging the Arts, Sciences, and Humanities. Present
were representatives of the US National Science Teachers Association,
the US National Art Educators Association, National Association for
Gifted Children, Association of Science and Technology Centers, Art of
Science Learning,
Center for the Advancement of Informal Science Education, National
Museum of Women in the Arts, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural
History, ICEE Success, American Association for the Advancement of
Science and Leonardo/ISAST.

The Discussion will be moderated by Lucinda Presley Executive
Director, Institute where Creativity Empowers Education Success (ICEE) and will
include responses from Robert and Michele Root Bernstein


Roger Malina
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