Sunday, October 11, 2015

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] key processes to enable Enabling new forms of collaboration among sciences, engineering, arts, and design

Dear All

it strikes me that this programme from last week all about a new
material and why its developers want to work with talented artists and
designers may help reinforce my point (and it is hopefully an enjoyable

all best wishes


On 2015-10-11 19:20, wrote:

> Dear Roger
> Whilst this is a thorough and one level convincing list, it feels rather laden with functional outputs and may be in danger of eliding what often drives the most transformational SEAD/STEAM endeavours -
> i.e. doing something together because of
> a shared spirit of enquiry and shared joy of discovery in spaces where the frontiers and parameters are not yet defined
> so what is missing are 'fascinating development challenges appealing to artists and scientists alike'
> this may be something like co-development of a new material
> or working together on enriching language and conceptual understanding in frontier zones such as nano-science where purpose and function will follow imaginative leaps
> We want to explore these challenges together not because they are purposeful but because we don't yet know what may not being able to see across the mountain there is a desire to explore frontiers for curiosity sake which is fine in itself...
> Can something be added that reflects this spirit of enquiry... that can lead to creative leaps in science Franklin and lightning experiments.....dangerous but creating significant sparks...?
> B

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