Sunday, October 11, 2015

[Yasmin_discussions] re collaboration between organisations


re the collaboration process in our list- I wonder what our experience with
the european consortia that form in order to propose for certain EU programs
whose funding requires this

are there really good examples of how a EU funded multi nationa consortium
in the arts science technology field have succeeded ?

Leonardo/OLATS in Paris led by Annick Bureaud has participated in
a number of such consortia- we are currently part of the Trust Me ,

I am an Artist: whose partners are

Waag Society (Amsterdam)
Brighton and Sussex Medical School (Brighton)
The Arts Catalyst (London)
Ciant (Prague)
Kapelica Gallery (Ljubjana)
Medical Museion (Copenhague)
Capsula (Helsinki) and Leonardo/Olats

The consortium is one its second round of funding- and its a collaboration
we have very much enjoyed being part of - and it clearly enables both
specific projects but knowledge and perspective sharing- that is a deeper

Collaborations between organisations that bridge the academic/university
to NGO/Mon profit/civil society divide are made possible when often
universities are resistance to such diverse collaborations

Some of the collaborations we were in EU funded initiatives proved
to be less stimulating- with short of cash organisations re labelling
previouls planned projects rather than new initiatives being spawned.

it is my impression that over the last 5-10 years there have been
a growth in successful inter-organisation platforms and projects

Leonardo has also worked succesfully through its LASER program
in collaborating with many organisations without exchange of funds,
but a typical partnership allowing two organisations to do something
they could not do alone- many art-science residencies for instance
are partnerships as is the Djerassi Foundation/Leonardo one now,
or the ArtsCatalyst Leonardo partnered flights into zero gravity for artists.
and the collaboration of our community with the European Space Agency

The LASERs collaborations now involve USF,Stanford Univ, UC Berkeley,
Washington DC National Academy of Sciences, UCLA), UCSC, UC Davis),
University of Westminster, Umlauf Museum in Austin, Texas , Kansas State
Univ, University of Puget Sound in Washington State.

I suspect but cant document that because of the broad variety of disciplinary
practices and career tracks of individuals- inter organisation collaboration
is much more common that in more narrow disciplinary fields

So I think there is a 5-10 year increasing trend and I guess my
feeling overall that
these inter organisation consortia and collaborations have been an
important process to be re inforced in the future, that enables
collaboration across
the divides that often separate science/ engineering to arts/design/humanities
within univeristies or other large institutions that segment for instance into
science museums and art museums, when our community needs these
to be bridged for the art science art forms of the future

roger malina
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