Wednesday, October 28, 2015

[Yasmin_discussions] Why do Scientists engage in Art-Science practices today?


As part of our discussion on emerging topics for the SEAD study 5 year update

We ask the question

Why do Scientists engage in Art-Science practices today?

Moderated by Guillermo Munoz and Roger Malina

Are you a scientist engaged in art-science practices ? Why do you invest

time and energy? We hope the scientists on this list will send us a
paragraph or two max

explaining why as scientists they are engaged in art-science practices.

At the Yasmin 10th anniversary in Valencia last week, organized by Guillermo

Munoz, we had a chance to discuss many topics. One topic that came up is

the growing number of research scientists engaged in art-science practices.

Guillermo is a young physicist in the nano sciences, and I am a a mid career

astrophysicist now become an art-science researcher. Why are we as scientists

engaged in art-science practices ? For young, and older, scientists
this can present serious

career risks since many science establishments are very conservative
and disciplinary

and do not see the value of such activities.

As a result we have put together an initial small informal network of scientific

colleagues who have professional activities in the arts:

Wendy Silk- Environmental Science, Susan Eriksson- Geosciences
Robert Root Bernstein Physiology, Roger Malina Astronomy, Guillermo
Munoz Nano Science
Francois Joseph Lapointe molecular biology, Dhru Deb Oncology,
Michelle Root Bernstein: Bio Scientist

We have named our collective the "Scientists Mercado Central Exchange'

because the idea was born during a meal at the central market in Valencia.

The discussion will take place on the YASMIN discussion list: subscribe at

You can also follow the discussion without participating at our blog site

We welcome short one/two paragraph posts from all scientists in this list
explain your scientific activities, your art science ones and tell us why
you do this !

Guillermo Munoz and Roger Malina on behalf of the Scientists
Mercado Central Exchange

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