Thursday, October 29, 2015

[Yasmin_discussions] PATIENCE: why scientists - netiquette and e-dialogue protocol


we have had a great response to our question asking
scientists why they engage in art science practices

so we need skills at asynchronous at on line dialogue !!

a) please be patient- we will approve a post about every 8 hours
so people have time to read ! so be patient-the post you have submitted
will be approved in the next couple of days

b) please try and treat ONE topic in a given email- otherwise things diverge

c) if you just reply to an email to post you might delete the appended material
that is not relevant to the point you are making

d) an easy way to review posts ( if you dont have the weekly digest
option enabled
is to review all the posts at they
can be easier to read
in that format

And please do invite other scientists you know to tell us why as scientists they
engage in art-science practices

roger malina
for yasmin
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