Friday, October 30, 2015

[Yasmin_discussions] why as a scientist do i invest time and energy in art-science activities

Hello artscientists !!,

Now we are ending this first week of post and discussion, i would like to
share a brief summary from all of your thoughts and ideas. I made a short
list from your answers. So, for a scientist art/sci helps to:

Epistemological subjetcs:

- Define what is science.
- Include our ideology to understand reality: One single True Vs Shared
- To include dialogue in the knowledge process.
- To think about labels/frontiers.

Enrich our science practice/disruptive thinking:

- See the same problem from a Novel perspective.
- To make scientific discoveries that would not otherwise be made.
- To develope more rich research.

Include social aspect to research:

- Include science context, as context is science.
- Public understanding of science.
- Public engagement.
- Citizen Science.
- Ethical perspective.

Crisis of representation:

- Develop Visualization and sonification techniques.
- Understand multidimensional data.
- Build cognitive models.
- New methods for data representation.

Educational issues/crisis of the academia:

- Most of we had an open education in the early stages, which is
transdisciplinary. Art/Sci helps to develope this early state education.
- Art/Sci helps to enhance the expresion of wonder.
- Enthusiasm has been muted by rigid Academies. To enhance Enthusiasm.
- To be a scientis by day/artist at night. Multidimensional education.

Please, don´t read this as a closed lits. For sure we can add more items,
and sections. This is only a sumary, not the only one, just th eone that i
can make it with friday afteroon time ;-) I inviate to all of you to
develop this list with more and more items.


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