Friday, October 30, 2015

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] why as a scientist do i invest time and energy in art-science activities

Dear all,

I think, one of the signals of the enhancement of the art/sci practices
comes from the multiple residences that are emerging nowadays. This
residences helps a lot to improve the ideas, the energy and to build a
better configuration of the in-puts and out-puts from art/sci practice. I
think i can find two important points related to this art/sci residences:

1) Even artist residence in science lab is a common feature nowadays in
many places, it is not so obvious to find scientist residences in art labs.
I think there are many reasons, from administrative, and from double CV,
and many more. However, i would like to focus in one: artist in residence
are asked to do art. However, sciencits in residence are asked to do art.
This is an antisymmetric situation. I know that this is a broad
simplification, but at the same time i feel that there are some issues

2) Cultural differences. It is not the same to do this kind of art/sci
residences in different countries. However, the goal is that large
institutions like National Academic of Sciences, or Europe 2020 program now
included this art/sci collaborations in many fields. I recieve this with
great enthusiasm, because even my country (Spain) has a not ideal culture
for interdisciplinarity actions (we have a large tradition for static
academia), we are starting to observe programs for art/sci, like this:

This means that, as Roger said, we are living good days for art/sci

So, i would like to ask to the artscientis (or sciartists), which is your
experience in art/sci residencies?, how do you develop art/science along
these residencies?, How do you managed this information?, How do you
incorporated art/science to your research subject after the residencies?

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