Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] Greetings! with a quick response to your latest snapshot on neuroscience and art trends

Hello all,

I just come to home after having a really nice afternoon. I revised the new
article from R. Hanson group about Bell inequalities violation without
loopholes (detection and locality), published last 29 th October in Nature (, with art students
(within the framework of the art/sci subject in Visual Arts and Multimedia
Master at Universidad Politecnica de Valencia. This was an example of
really foundamental physics exchange for artistic pourposses/audience.

Even to understand all the physics is not the objetive (i can not
understand all the physics there, even i´m physicist), we made interestings
paralelism about Duchamp work, and Goethe sentences, Poincare ideas of
scientific research, fundations of quantum mechanics, semiconductor physics
development, Nanostructured semiconductors, ...

For sure, for me was very helpfull to find some time to learn and to study
in detail some basic principles in physics that i didn´t recall at all (for
example, the multipe interpretations of quantum mechanics or wave functions
(psi-epistiemic vs psi-ontologic models)).

We are trying to push new art students to collaborate with physisc and
chemistry students, but this year we may have the posibility to include
philosophy and history of science students. If we get it this would be
great !!,


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