Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] why scientists engage in art science practices

Hello all,

We have a very active week, and now it seems that our energy fall a little.
I will inject some new ideas.

1) Roger, do you know more examples of residences where scientist are asked
to go to an art space, like Scientifi Delirium Madness?,

2) In my opinion, it is plenty of science places where nowadays are
developing art residencies. The list is so big (Fermi Lab, CERN,
Astrophysics and Astronomy observatories, ...).

3) At the same time, there are many art places where the idea of science
work or methodology (Labs, new technologies) is integrated. Like before,
the list is huge, but would like to present this new exhibition at Laboral
center (Gijón, Spain):

So, it would be very interesting to listen any of the experiences of the
scientists engaged in both of this activities (receiveing artists in
residence in their work place, or collaboarting in this art/sci activities
developed in art centers).


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