Thursday, November 26, 2015

[Yasmin_discussions] why scientists engage in art-science practices

Dear colleagues of Yasmin, engaged in exchanges about science and art
or the other way around,

with joy I read. Rubbing my eyes. A disbeliever often, a sceptic.
The contributions, the discussion is inspiring. I wish I had time to
participate in the way some of you do.
But now the black holes, dark matter. And metaphors. This gives me a
push to send a remark.

A person trying to do a work of which she or he hope that it will be
recognized as a work of art, often relies for many reasons on a
metaphor, a metaphorical little story to find inspiration for that
work. The black hole, of course, is such a case. A greatly powerful
case. A strong mataphore. A hole, we immediately grasp. Likewise a
hole when it is black.

The physicist on the other side. I do not understand the physics of
black holes nor all that that is associated with them. Even worse: I
believe this metaphore when used in physics is as metaphorical as it
would be in the case of a work meant to become a work of art. The
black hole in physics is a work on its way to be accepted as a work of
art. Unfortunately, the writing about it is lacking the artistic
spirit. In the sense of art and science collaboration, two or a few
more, from physics and from art, should get together and design a
mutli-media event on black – not intending to demonstrate art in
service of physics, but physics having become art.

You believe this is not serious? Maybe you are right. I don't know.

Frieder Nake

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