Monday, November 16, 2015

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] Greetings! with a quick response to your latest snapshot on neuroscience and art trends


I´m reading the information, and it is very, very interesting. Here i leave
an article with a lot of information (in spanish), and some links to
science papers from Jeff Steinhauer

For my point of view, the real interesting think is this kind of metaphore
used, from black holes to dumb holes, has a tremeoundus richness. In my
point of view this kind of metaphores are enhanced in the art/sci typical

I don´t know if with this metaphores is possible to measure or to resolved
the problems from the real systems (black holes in this case), even may be
it is possible to obtain some nformation, but these are like physical
models. However, i´m sure that ths kind of creative thinking and modelling
has tremeodous impact to develop new concepts and new technologies. For
instance, they develope a lasing system with this kind of concepts.

It is a great example of the direct implications between theoretical
concepts, technoogies and disruptive thinking.

Thanks very much for your link Jon !!, i will use it in next art/sci

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