Sunday, November 1, 2015

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] why as a scientist do i invest time and energy in art-science activities

Hello Paul, i will answer your questions.

1) Are there any examples of the latter (scientist in residence)?

Yes, there is for example Scientific Delirium Madness, from Djerassi
Fundation and Leonardo.

I´ve been on the 2nd edition (2015), and it was a pleassure to take part on
it. This was a repeated question along the residence, and i´m sure that
there are more residences like this, even are only a few (compared to
artists in labs). May be Roger can help to remeber some of them.

2) Why would a scientist be asked to "do art?" I am working with an art
museum, and I am most definitely doing science within the context of art.

This is more difficult. Is my impresion, and is mediated by my experience,
so, for sure subjective, and possibly simplistic. At the same time i think
is related to CVs, different Institutions and so on, and i don´t think that
is really related to science or art practice.

So, for example, in my experience, i have several art students in my lab,
trying to use some technologies, and finally they develope their artistic
work = art instalations. I had some students that really goes into science
details, and other that are not interested, but at the end they develope
their art installations. Which are their conventional art products =

However, when i went to art department, or art residency, i can not work
with my confocal microscope, cryogenerators, lasers, CCDs, my experimental
set-ups. I´m not doing photon coincidence measurements. So, i can not
develop my science, as i usually do. An my result is not a paper in
Physical Review Letters, Nano Letters, or so on.

So, even i´m not saying that artists are not doing science when come to a
lab (even there are some that are more interested to do it and other that
are nothing interested), and at the same time i´m not saying that i´m not
doing science when i go to an art space, my impresion is that artist can
develope their CV in a normal fashion, and scientist not. For sure it
depends in which way you develop your science.

At the same time i´m totally convinced that this residencies enhance the
possibilities to develope more science (you can read a parallel post that i
writed this morning about this). So, may be, when i finished the artistic
residence, i return to my lab, make some experiments, and finally i writte
a PRL, for example. Yes, i think that this could happen. But i feel is not
the same. To be honest, i´m not really convinced, it is only an impression.
And at the same time, if these asymmetries are there, is not bad. We don´t
need to be the same, and to work in the same way.


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