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Re: [Yasmin_discussions] [Yasmin-discussions] The Plight of the Supernatural...

Dear list,

The posts so far have been thought-provoking in various directions;

Aprille and Ken have among other issues both pointed to the political
instrumentalisation of the so-called 'supernatural' domain, in various
sectors, science, religion and state...

In reflection of the discussion around current art-science engagements;

Is it again being instrumentalised, and if so what is the agenda behind it?


Dr. Martha Blassnigg

Reader in the Anthropology of Media | Co-Convenor, Transtechnology Research
| Editor, *Transtechnology Research Open Access Papers* | Associate
Editor, *Leonardo Reviews* and *L|R|Q* * Plymouth University, United
Kingdom ||

|| ||

I have been invited to provide a brief background:

My background is in Cultural Anthropology, Philosophy and Film and Cinema
Studies (Universities of Vienna, Cologne and Amsterdam). I completed a Ph.D
at the University of Wales revisiting the so-called spiritual dimension of
the early cinema experience by shifting the attention to the contemporary
debates around time, memory and consciousness at the interface of science,
art and technology. My research interest lies in philosophical and
historical inquiries into the metaphysical dimensions of technology and art
in relation to the processes of human cognition. In this I focus on the
perceptual experiences and affordances of media in both historical and
contemporary contexts. Recent publications include the anthology *Light
Image Imagination* (Amsterdam University Press, 2013), the monograph *Time,
Memory, Consciousness and the Cinema Experience: Revisiting Ideas on Matter
and Spirit* (Rodopi, 2009). Other outcomes of research have been published
in *Convergence*, *Leonardo*,* Medicine Studies*, *REAL Yearbook of
Research in English and American Literature* and in the anthology *Screen
Consciousness: Cinema, Mind and World*, edited by R. Pepperell and M. Punt
(Rodopi, 2006). Previously I have undertaken anthropological research into
accounts and artistic expressions of experiences of angelic presences and
compared processes of conscious mediation between technologically enhanced
perception and multi-sensorial engagements of mediumship. A full list of
publications and CV can be found at
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