Thursday, October 16, 2014

[Yasmin_discussions] joining the "supernatural" discussion

Over history, cultures have told and retold many creation stories. Science
has given us a new (perpetually self-revising) creation stories, to explain
how we got here, how our planet was formed, how we behave, how
incomprehensibly ancient and gigantic some phenomena are, how tiny and
quick others are, etc . I am interested in ways that artists can help covey
awe about the stories of science. Catholicism used art to help shift
cultural paradigms – the rites and arts of old religions over time became
Christian. Can art do the same for the narratives and processes of science?
What are our new stained glass windows?

This is my first time posting to Yasmin, and I welcome the opportunity for
this important discussion, delineating the boundaries of science and
nature. I think it will be useful to probe the boundaries of what we define
as "science" and "nature," to explore what belongs within those boundaries,
and what names we can find for things that belong outside of them.

I have an incipient little org called Symbiosis Art+Science Alliance which
catalyzes art-science collaborations. I studied "Time Arts" at the School
of the Art Institute of Chicago, and I'm interested in exploring how to
convey emergent systems and deep time through lineages of very simple
drawings. I have worked in evolutionary biology and ecology labs, mostly
with pollination biology, insect microbial symbionts, and large-scale
ecology. Thank you for inviting me to be part of this discussion.

*Nancy Lowe*

*Director, Symbiosis Art + Science Alliance*

* <>*
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