Wednesday, October 15, 2014

[Yasmin_discussions] the supernatural

Dear Stephen,

By way of understanding your position, I am wondering
to what extent you would agree with this famous
passage by Loren Eiseley which concludes his
"Immense Journey", and the first part of which was
cited by Carl Sagan in his synoptic article "Life"
for the 15th edition of the Britannica:

"I would say that if 'dead' matter has reared up this
curious landscape of fiddling crickets, song sparrows,
and wondering men, it must be plain even to the most
dedicated materialist that the matter of which he speaks
contains amazing, if not dreadful powers, and may not
impossibly be, as Hardy has suggested, 'but one mask
of many worn by the Great Face behind.'"

My guess is that you might agree with the first part
of this passage; but it is the second -- the reference to
the "Great Face behind" -- with which you specifically
and forcefully disagree.

Some of my own thoughts on this subject have already
been expressed in a new journal dedicated precisely to
the "nexus of art, science, and the sublime":

At any rate, this should be a fascinating conversation!

G. W. (Glenn) Smith

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