Sunday, October 19, 2014

[Yasmin_discussions] supernatural and art and science

forwarded from liliane lijn
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-- Hi Roger and Yasminers
I have been following a bit sporadically the supernatural discussion.
I am inclined to agree with you in that I don't much like the term
supernatural. There are too many new ageist implications. Have you
read the book The Cloud of Unknowing? It is a book of early Christian
mysticism I picked up because I liked the title. I am neither
Christian nor a believer in fact belief is not part of my vocabulary.
This book is poetic and has one interesting message that is to divest
oneself of preconceptions 'surrender mind to unknowing'. Not so easy
to do.
David Bohm in his theories of Implicate and Explicate Order says that
however much humans know there will be much more yet to discover. The
idea of knowing or understanding all there is in the universe seems
highly unlikely.
Best regards
Liliane Lijn
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