Wednesday, October 15, 2014

[Yasmin_discussions] "The Plight of the Supernatural in an Art-Science World"

Hi Yasminers -- I thought I'd jump in with a thought or two about Steve 's post about the so-called "magical" component. I think it's entirely likely that there are aspects of the cosmos and its workings -- both here on Earth and elsewhere -- that will be, for perhaps thousands of years, unknown or unknowable. I often turn to the analogy of the dog who can't begin to understand any number of "why" questions: why my dog Hula's thumping her tail when my kids are asleep is bad (because it makes noise); why meal time is usually at the same time , etc. Reasons for this disconnect exist, but the biggest one is that they simply don't have the tools -- and will never have the tools -- to understand. I think we are like dogs in a much larger universe for whose fullest understanding we will probably lack the tools or approaches. But unlike dogs, we do have the ability to continue to improve our investigations! -- Dan Lewis
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