Tuesday, October 28, 2014

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much thanks for your post

you say

I think this requires those who wish to explore such frontiers of
knowledge paradigms to hold, first of all, an open attitude to
different ways of knowing and understanding to those we have been
raised in, whether those are scientific or humanist, and this means
not taking topics off the table, no matter our thoughts on their
relative worth. It also means having a historical and critical account
of the methodologies that have birthed our own methods of enquiry,
with a resolutely material account of their cultural and technological
underpinnings, and there are many cases we can look to in the arts and
the sciences for instruction on our current conjuncture, and so the
critical conversation of sharing those between disciplines remains
urgent and necessary (but not police-able).

i have become of fan of david bohm's discourse on dialogue- and indeed
much discussion i think doesnt
really engage in real dialogue= as you say
It also means having a historical and critical account of the
methodologies that have birthed our own methods of enquiry

this is really difficult because one has to suspend judgement long
enough to create new ideas and real exchange

as i said in my post - often people refer to 'science' or the
'scientific method' as if was as fixed a reference
point as the 'books' of people of 'the book" and this bothers me -an
interesting book on the complexities
within the scientific method are the writing sof allen repko etc
the good news is that the scientific method itself has continued to
evolve over the centuries
to take into account new methodological, mathematical and
philosophical discoveries
( and yes- i have trouble with points of view that accept a 'book'
written at a particular moment
in human history as a fixed un-modifiable text- that cannot be evolved
in the way as say
the constitution of a political system

within scientific disciplines there are deep differences of approach=
one anecdote i tell is
when i was in the collaboration led by saul perlmutter and michael
levi working on a new
satellite to try and understand dark energy=there was a mixture of
astronomers and physicists
and we often were embroiled in vigorous discussions- the astronomers
wanted to design
the perfect observation ( and had deep understanding of the problem of
systematic errors)
and the physicists wanted to design the perfect experiment as if one
could set up an
a falsifiability of theories- two cultures of practice in collission

a second anecdote is that in our NASA projects we had mixture of
scientists and engineers
and we were writing specifications for a satellite- but the engineers
viewed a spec as a maximum
goal that you did nothing to go beyond, while the scientists viewed
the spec as a minimum
level that you worked hard as hell to go beyond- another example of
the need to 'translate'
between cultures of practice

in the whole art science arena we rarely engage in sustained bohmian
dialogue in a way
that creates new opportunities

as i aruged in my appeal to 'translation studies' in a previous post -
in the same way
as we accept and foster multiculturalism within the arts= surely we
should do this in art-science

Roger F Malina

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