Saturday, October 18, 2014

[Yasmin_discussions] edge of knowledye


there is a book review in science magazine this week of the book
" The island of knowledge, The limits of science and the search for meaning
by Marcelo Gleiser' . I havent read the book but

According to the reviewer (Michael Goldman) Gleiser discusses at
length how current technology
imposes a limit of what is knowable at a given time- which has been much
discussed in the philosophy of science literature. In astronomy this has been
a very real limit to the knowable-with each new type of telescope revealing\
parts of the universe which were unknowable observationally until that time.
As the next generations of such telescope- neutrino, gravitational
wave telescopes-
come on line we astronomers hope that the 'island of knowledge' will again grow.

Apparently, unlike Casti, Gleiser holds that the heisenberg
uncertainty principle
is a physical not a mathematical limit to unknowables. I still dont
like the term
supernatural but some unknowables are un knowable by any method.

Roger F Malina
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