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Dear Guillermo,

I'm *Alessandro Scali
from Turin, Italy, and I'm one of the (nano)artists featured on Advanced
Materials 'Art on the Nanoascale and beyond' (pag. 1731).
I also had a quite long and interesting skype call before publication with
the author, Ali K. Yetisen, who asked me a sort of opinion/point of view
about the Nanoart movement (I'm working with nanotechnology since 2006 and
I'm considered one of the pioneers in this specific art field). One of my
nanoartworks was also published on Nature in sept 2007 (article attached).

I was surprised like you to discover that Advanced materials was writing an
article about Nanoart, but for different reasons: I have a humanistic
background (degree in modern literature), and I first started to work at
artistic level with science and (nano)technology in 2006. So you can
imagine the surprise for an artist with humanistic backgound being
published on the most relevant scientific publications.

Thanks in any case for your attention and best from Italy,

Alessandro Scali

2016-05-10 19:33 GMT+02:00 roger malina <>:

> Dear Yasminers and discussants,
> Yesterday i found this article:
> "Art on the Nanoscale and Beyond", whch you can download from their
> authors webpage:
> What have made me an impression is not the content itself, which
> although it seems very interesting and with high detail, it seems that
> it contextualize the art/sci practice in science like some tools for
> science communication. However, it includes the more interesting
> citizen science proposals, and the social issues related to science
> practice, which in my opinion is a hot topic.
> Perhaps, the most intriguing surprise for me was the journal where it
> was published the paper. I have seen this kind of articles in journals
> like Nature, Nature Photonics, Nature Nanotechnology, ..., which are
> rally great, but sometimes appear as a "visual" esteticism of this
> kind of journals (maybe i´m totally wrong). But Advances Materials is
> a core scientific journal. For me this was similar if Physical Review
> Letters published an article about Art/Sci relations in physics.
> In my point of view, all of the work that Leonardo and Art/Sci
> movement are doing all around the word is helping to more and more
> scientist to express all of our inquietudes, which are kind of
> transdisciplinar. I´m really enjoying this "happenings". I was very
> excited when i saw the first art/sci article publish in Nature and so
> on, and i´m really happy to see this article published in Advanced
> Materials. Although art/sci collaboration is much more than a science
> communication strategy.
> May be one day we will see a paper published in Physical Review
> Letters with some art/sci project that will advance physics in some
> extent. May be we are not very far from this situation. As I said in
> last e-mail, this Science at Home platform example from Aarhus
> University is fascinating (including citizien science, science
> research in quantum physics, gamming, ...).
> These kind of platforms are really an open window for all of us hybrid
> practitioners.
> In the other hand, i must say that sometimes the delay between the
> acceptance of these methodologies is fustrating. Next 28th may i´m
> tring to push to include an art/sci exhibition in the open days of the
> research institute, with a collaboration with visual art and science
> students. But science communication still be majoritary focused to
> funny experiments for childs. The answer of our proposal was kidn of:
> ok you are a freak and the childs are going to be boured with this
> exhibition. At least, we have included three art/sci piezes from art
> and science student collaborations. You can take a look at:
> The difficulty comes from the acceptance of these practices inside our
> science job. This is the reason why i get happy when i found the
> Advanced Materials paper, because i can use it to show to my
> colleagues to say: Have you seen this paper?, m i a freak right now?
> (maybe we will need some extra advanced materials papers to trully
> convince them ;-) )
> Best,
> Guillermo.
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