Sunday, May 29, 2016

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] Mercado Central Exchange - Science is not Art

Hi Roger and all

I missed it unfortunately - but I did hear great things about this event
from curator/producers who understand this kind of work and there was a
real buzz about the project in London when it was taking place.

You can sample a bit of it and read other perspectices from more
informed voices here:

I think broader questions are 'why do even high profile big budget
art-science related works rarely get reviewed in mainstream press' or
'why do they receive such poor (as in poorly researched) reviews when
this does happen'....which are difficult questions to
answer------suspect Joost is right. One wouldn't look to The Guardian or
its reviewers for an informed perspective on Ikeda and this kind of
practice which comes from a root that would not be familiar to them. It
is like they are being sent off to review a work without having any
knowledge of the artist's professional trajectory up to this point so
this doesn't get mentioned nor does any reference get made to the
context within which the CERN residency took place (ie a whole history
of such encounters). So the old chestnut of art and science and their
mutual mis/understanding becomes the focus of this tired and trite
commentary. Sadly while reviewers such as Jones might think they are
being provocative in fact fewer and fewer people are listening
....certainly the audiences for this kind of work (which are enormous
and increasingly youthful) have slipped well beyond the orbit of the
newspaper's sphere of influence.
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