Friday, May 20, 2016

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You sound like the voice of the experience ¡¡, Yes, it is true, I found
myself reading your words saying = Ok, this is true.

However, we can be critics with our nowadays system, and my feeling is that
we are feeding the bureaucracy system. This is not any new thing, in fact
is quite old. I think this links in some extent with an interesting Spanish
TV serie called "Merli" (to be precise, this comes from Catalunya, and I
totally recommend it to all of you). The TV film speaks about a philosophy
teacher in a secondary school that uses alternative teaching methodologies.
His character shows a contradictory person, with many deficiencies, but his
interest in education is to promote the student development. May be this is
an example, or can work as a metaphor for similar contexts, like science
development. You mentioned at some mails before this interesting book about
Adorno and Horkheimer, where they criticized and revised the illustration
enterprise. I think we are living an interesting time where science
practice is under review, and I think Europe is doing great job including
great and exciting examples of this reviewing process (where art and
science is playing an important role, with, for example STARTS projects).
However, sometimes seems frustrating to see all this creative potential
wasted by a too rigid system. Maybe we can develop some creative
methodologies for the rejection answers. Why science must be linked with
the successful?, In fact, we know that every successful is only reached
after many, many, many mistakes. I really like this quote from *C.C.M.
Mody *in Discovering the Nanoscale:

"*But error was basic to their lab culture. Hansma´s great proverbs, for
instance, were: "do everything as poorly as you can" and "make as many
mistakes as you can as fast as you can". Sometimes this produced smashing
successes. Sometimes – particularly when other groups tried to mimic this
style – it could bring glaring failures."*

This links with Annick's idea to include "unexpected budget" in our
proposals. Maybe we can link the degree of innovation with the degree of
unexpected results in some extent. I know that there are some examples of
this kind of projects, like FET Open, which more or less are related to
this very risky innovative projects. In fact, in the same EU proposals we
can find the FEAT projects, which links FET projects with artists, and this
is a really great news.

I totally agree with you about the importance of the collaboration
methodologies. In my personal experience these are keywords. However, but,
like the example of Merli TV movie (which in fact is based on a real
teacher from Catalunya), these are not well explained. I agree with you
that art/sci could help a lot to enhance the development of these
methodologies, as you pointed out. For sure we will need collaborations
between humanities, artistics practices, scientific concepts, and a great
flourishment of rich ideas. But, at least, and only in my personal feeling,
this is just exciting, because we are feeling that things are moving on.



P.D: If you want to learn Spanish, maybe Merli TV serie is a really good
option. Here I leave you the link to the TV channel where it is being
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