Wednesday, May 25, 2016

[Yasmin_discussions] Mercado Central Exchange: Exemplars of artscience practice ?


Much appreciated your email with your list of existing works of art which have special meaning for you as reflecting the art/science dialog - I note that all the artists you mention longer alive !! Do you have a list of artworks of living artists that you would
Cite as 'exemplars' as reflecting the art/science dialog

I would personally have on my list for instance:

Char Davies and her immersive work Ephemere from 1998-
I remember the impact this work had on me because of the way she imposed her aesthetic values on the navigable world she created, but also the 'breathing' interface that allowed one to navigate like a diver in water.

The work doesn't deal with a scientific 'topic' as such but the artist uses innovative technology to create a sensory experience that could not be achieved any other way. I am working on a team creating 'data forests' out of brain network data- and whenever I see our own immersive visualisations I think back to the impact of Char Davies work. As such it has influenced by own scientific practice 20 years later.

Maybe other yasminers could existing works of art which have special meaning for you as reflecting the art/science dialog

Dear Guillermo, Nicola, Alessandro, Annick, Chris, John, Ken:

As I along with many others follow this delightfully titled dialogue
-- "Mercado Central Exchange" -- regarding the problems and
promises of a hybrid art/science practice, the heartfelt nature
of your contributions convinces me at last that there is a cadre
within the scientific community which will not rest until and unless
science recognizes art as a phenomenon with which it must come
to terms, both as a subject of investigation, and also as an influence
on, and reflection of, its own practice; and it is the latter on which I
would now like to focus: how fascinating it would be to hear about
those existing works of art which have special meaning for you as
reflecting the art/science dialog; and I would like to start the parade
by listing my own favorites:

Salvator Rosa's 1650 "Democritus in Meditation"
(the theme of which is self-evident)

Rodin's 1876 "Age of Bronze"
(humanity confronting the nightmare of its evolutionary origin)

Giacometti's 1947 "Man Pointing"
(humanity standing in the face of nuclear incineration)

G. W. (Glenn) Smith<>
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