Wednesday, May 4, 2016

[Yasmin_discussions] mercado central: advice to young artscience hybrids


Our YASMIN discussion has slowed - but i got a private email from
colleague Nicola Triscott of ArtsCatalyst who made the following

"It's been interesting reading the contributions to the Mercado
discussion list. It has helped me to realise that I'm far less
interested in individuals with "hybrid" practices than I am in
multi/trans/inter-disciplinary research groups/projects,"

I think this is an important because there is a huge variety of hybrid
art science practices- ranging from the hybrid individuals, to two
person teams
to small groups

In my case I am currently involved in a project working on an art
science team that is developing new methods to represent complex data,
in this case fMRI network mapping of the human brain- the
collaboration involves both scientists ( a neuroscientist, I am a
astrophysicist, a computer scientist)
but also three artists ( and a small gaming company)- we are trying to
develop techniques to help the scientist make new scientific
( using sonification as a technology of attention) but also we will be
performing the data at the restaging of the famous EAT Nine Evenings
being organised
in Seattle this coming october. This has proved to be an exciting
collaboration and clearly the art science practice is collaborative
rather than individual.

Perhaps YASMINERS who are involved in small art science teams would
like to tell us of their experiences. ?

I have commented elsewhere that there are some notable artscience
teams that are 'couples' such as christa sommerer and laurent
the vasulkas, the harrisons- sometimes both are hybrids, sometimes one
is the art centered and the other member of the couple is the science
or technology centered. Are there any of you on the YASMIN list that
are examples of an art-science couple ?

roger malina
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