Monday, May 23, 2016

[Yasmin_discussions] guillermo your moderator this week

Dear Yasminers,

I´m Guillermo Muñoz, physycist located in Valencia, Spain (although very soon i will move to Sydney). I will be your Yasmin moderator along the following week. Please, i would like to encourage to all new Yasmin subscribers to present yourself and your work related to art/sci context.
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At the moment, we are enjoying an interesting discussion about hybrid art and science practitioners, entitled "Mercado central Exhange; Lessons learned and advice for hybrid science-art careers". There, we have had the opportunity to read the experience from many hybrid researchers. Nowadays, we are enjoying an interesting art/sci scenario, where it is flourishing many transdisciplinar project propossals, as for example STARTS or FEAT related to the EU context. In our discussion we were reviewing the differencies in the bureaucracy complexity between standard and art/sci projects, where all the hybrid researchers could fit their practices with this new kind of projects. In our discussion, one of the keywords was "colaboration methodologies". We will be happy to listen any of your ideas or experiences about your methodologies used in this hybrid context.

At the same time, i guess that "communication" is another essential skill when your are working between disciplines. I think in every non-specialist to expert relation, to stablish good communication chanels are very important. The same would happen between different experts (art/sci context).

Please, we are always happy and very interested to listening new voices and experiences. All Yasminers are invited to participate in the discussion and to share your hybrid practices between art/sci disciplines.

All the best,
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